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Sunday, February 26, 2012

Unbelievable glass art designs

The sculptures are designed in consultation with virologists from the University of Bristol, using a combination of different scientific photographs and models. They are made in collaboration with glassblowers Kim George, Brian Jones and Norman Veitch.

Most Complicated roads in world

USA Freeways Seattle Complicated Road system in the world with freeways

The Puxi Viaduct in Shanghai

A road junction in Moscow

The Judge Harry Pregerson Interchange in Los Angeles

the most complicated mway-to-road IC I’ve ever seen is the bisco IC on the A1, Croatia.

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Vikram in Thaandavam stills

Top 10 Celebrities to follow on twitter

The micro blogging site Twitter is nothing short of an Internet sensation. Today it seems like everyone has a Twitter account and it’s strange if you have not one.  The celebrity rage on Twitter took the World Wide Web by storm a few years ago and it still continues to be a rage today. In a way Twitter has brought the world of celebrities closer to their fans and some celebrities have amassed a huge fan following on the site. It has also become a major promotional medium for many celebrities and events. Today when almost every celebrity has an active Twitter account, it is hard to decide which ones to follow. So, here is a list of the top celebrities to follow on twitter.
10. Joan Rivers:
Definitely one of the celebrities worth following, Joan Rivers is a fantastic comedian with a great sense of fairness. She does not have any vindictive posts on her feed but instead lashes out at anyone she wants to with an equality that is well worth following. The best part is that all her posts are really entertaining.
Joan Rivers
9. Ashton Kutcher:
Ashton Kutcher has over 8 million followers on the micro blogging site and has always managed to keep his posts entertaining and real. He does not flood the boards with his posts and neither does he shows off in any way, instead his posts are about what’s interesting in his life at the moment. All very humble and worth following.
8. Steven Tyler:
Steven Tyler is a rock star and his tweets are all about his rock star image. Not only are his posts interesting but most of them are pretty difficult to understand too. There is never a dull moment in his feeds and true to his rock star image, he entertains here on Twitter too. He has a dedicated fan following and a growing number of fans who have seen him on not just his rock band but also from shows like American Idol.
steven tyler
7. John Cusack:
John Cusack has always been honest about his tweets and that is one of the highlights about following him. True to his real image, his virtual image too has the same light hearted humor with sparks of the fearless celebrity who does not really care if he loses out on a few fans for his brutal honesty. He is also among the most intelligent celebs that one can find on Twitter which is a refreshing change from all that babble that can go on here.
6. Ellen DeGeneres:
Building upon a list of intelligent celebrities is never complete without Ellen. True to her TV and real life image she has a touch of humor that is also really very down to earth. In short no celebrity Twitter list is complete without the inclusion of this charismatic personality that is Ellen. She also gives out a lot to her fans to do as she holds contests and regular Twitter events for her fans and followers.
ellen degeneres
5. Britney Spears:
Britney posts everything on her feeds and by everything we mean everything. Her posts are all about her personal life, what’s going on with her sons and what she is going to do the next day. If you are one of her fans then you will definitely love her posts and there are a lot of them too.
4. P-Diddy:
Sean John Combs, hardly known by his real name is better known to his fans by the name P-Diddy. His posts are all very entertaining and in many posts he freely lashes out to his fans. He has a lot of haters on his list but a lot of his fans really seem to enjoy his true to the rapper image. If you like the unexpected then P-Diddy has plenty to bring to the plate.
p diddy
3. Neil Patrick Harris:
NPH is a widely known celebrity on Twitter who is famous for his humorous posts. His superstar image is well depicted on Twitter with his frequent chirpy posts that also often have a healthy serving of drama. Definitely one of the more real celebrities to follow, he will never disappoint and also keep you entertained throughout the day.
2. Steve Martin:
If you are looking for funny on Twitter then it really does not get any better than Steve Martin. He is a comedy legend and he justifies that tag well here too. Following him is nothing short of a pleasure and he delivers a constant dose of real life comedy that will have you rolling about in laughter with each post.
steve martin
1. Lady Gaga:
Stefani Joanne Angelina Germanotta better known to the world as LADY GAGA has perhaps the largest fan following on Twitter. She boasts of over 18 million followers and tries to live up to her celebrity image. She does not spam her posts and you will never see her flooding the feeds with multiple posts. Her posts are funny, entertaining and real at the same time. The best part about following her is that she is really very nice to all her fans.

Top 10 Corporate Gifts

Corporate gifts are a good way to build and strengthen customer relations among businesses and they are also an all important part of all promotional merchandize gifts that are given away. There are a lot of choices available in the markets for corporate gift ideas and it can prove to be a daunting task to pick out a good corporate gift for your client or business associates especially if there is more than one person to give such a gift to. Corporate gifts should also be customized wherever possible as a customized gift has a greater value any given day. Let us now look at some of the best corporate gift ideas.

10. Organizers and diaries
Since organizers and diaries are an all important part of any business person’s stationery it is always easy to pick them out. Diaries can easily be customized to a great deal and they make a gift that has some practical worth as well as some visual appeal. It is also a gift that leaves an impression because of its use and also constantly reminds the recipient about the gift giver. It is also easy to pick out diaries and organizers in bulk.
9. Card holders
Business card holders are an all important corporate accessory that everyone uses on a regular basis. They are easy to pick out and come in many different inventive and attractive designs. The card holders can easily be printed upon or engraved for a greater amount of customization and personalization if needed.

8. Mobile phone holders
Mobile phones are soon becoming a universal object that everyone has. A mobile phone holder is an extremely thoughtful corporate gift to give away. There are a lot of different designs available in the markets today and the technology behind making them is also pretty impressive. They are also easy to pick out in bulk amounts.

7. Photo frames
Photo frames are a great business gift that also lets your clients and associates know that you care about them. Customized frames are also easy to make or order and they can deliver a personal sentiment with the greatest of ease. The many varieties of photo frames available in the markets are easy to pick out and can also be customized to a great deal.

6. Paperweights
Paperweights today have become a much prized collector’s item and even though less and less paper is used in offices today it makes for a great gift nonetheless. Designer paperweights are attractive to look at and can brighten up an office space too. It is also easy to pick out paperweights in greater numbers and make for easy yet thoughtful corporate gifts.

5. Cuff links
Cuff links are a very well known fashion accessory especially in the corporate world. Although good ones can be a tad expensive as compared to most other gifts, they are a great way to let your clients, associates and customers know that you care about them. Personalized cuff links are also easily available and make for some of the best corporate gifts to give away.

4. Coffee mugs
Although a simple gift, they are highly popular as corporate gifts. Customized coffee cups are well known to be great gifts that can also express a personal sentiment to customers and associates. Coffee is a great social stimulant and will remind the person about the sender every time they drink from a coffee mug.

3. Ties
Ties make for a classy corporate gift. Corporate often use ties as a gift as they are easily available and can be picked out in larger numbers also. They are frequently used in the corporate world and have great value to people who wear them regularly.

2. Polo shirts
Polo shirts make good gifts to give away and also show off some amount of class. Polo shirts are also fashionable and last long. Apart from the fact that they are durable they can also be easily customized with embroidery and can be given to any person. It is a simple yet highly effective gift that can also be picked out in larger numbers.

1. Pens and pen sets
Pens are perhaps the classiest corporate gifts to give away. The executive pen set is a great promotional gift that has stood the test of time. Most pen sets come in a neat box or a holder which adds to the class of the gift. Their everyday requirement and use makes them highly valued corporate gifts. Personalized and customized pen sets are also easily available in the markets and add a great deal of value to any business gifting occasion.